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Office Warfare

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Another boring day at the office… but you know just the thing to pass the time… "Office Warfare"!It's a tower defense hybrid, you need to protect your cup holders from the evil staplers! Draw turrets on post-its and drag them around to protect them – the turrets will do the rest! Also, don't forget to collect the clips, you can trade them later for upgrades!It's all fun and entertaining… but don't forget to keep an eye for your boss! If he catches you playing "Office Warfare" you're done for!
Left click on any of your tools to activate them (if you can afford them!). Right click to deselect any of them.If you have a tool selected (either your pencil or an upgrade) left click on a post-it to apply it!If your boss is around a signal will appear at the upper-right side of your screen. Left click on it to sit on your chair. Once your boss is gone, press left click on the tool-tip to go back to the game.Left click and drag to move the post-its around!Left click on the clips to collect them!

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